I just went to a blogger conference. It is called evo’12– for the evolution of women in social media.  I know… if you are looking at this blog you might say to yourself… hmmm… she really isn’t a blogger. Why in the word would she do that? Well, long story short my sister invited me and I am a new person. I have been concentrating ALL my efforts on my new little online business selling Geoff’s paintings at dailydoseofpainting, which has been the right thing to do, don’t get me wrong. But I have not taken the time to express myself here.

What I learned at this conference is that I need a voice of my own. That I, like so many others, have something to say! And that this outlet might be exactly what I need! I met the most incredible women! My roommates to start… so diverse and different… so alike! We all love to share! Share in successes, knowledge, love. We love our families, are passionate about our causes, and live to give. We need each other as a community of sisters. It was awesome to see this power of women! Every walk of life included in this energy! I was an outsider looking in on something extraordinary! I want in people! I loved it! And so… here I am blogging. And I will continue to write and learn and absorb from you… my new friends.

Stephanie, Carissa, Caryn, Casey, Lucrecer, and Chrysula Thanks for bringing me in and making me feel at home. I really needed it at this time in my life. I am better because of you!

Thank you Jill, for going to bat for me. I love you dearly! You made this happen for me and I am so grateful! I just couldn’t have asked for more.

My life after evo? It’s is going to be amazing!


A new year… new possibilites!


Okay… so it’s the middle of February… but I do feel like it is a new year with new possibilities! We have had an interesting few months. I am really struggling with this bod! I have two herniated discs in my neck and dang it if they are just cramping my style. But I am making it through and doing what I can.

Geoff and Patrick are in California right now and having a fabulous time! It is great to have them be together and have some bonding time. They are at my good friend’s house right now- Stacy Gregorson. She has a cute daughter, Mikilah, that my son, Patrick, has connected with on Facebook. I love it!!

So my goals for this year are to get healthy and have some quality of life. Yes.. simple. I have been so miserable with this shoulder that I just want to feel better. Then I want to exercise and feel human again. I really want to start making some art and helping Geoff with his art business. We need to get more professional. We are pretty low to the ground with this whole art thing. So those are the goals for the year.

I have been writing for a blog called Mom It Forward lately and I have really enjoyed expressing myself in this way. My sister works for the blog and let me know that I can re-publish my articles on my blog so I am going to do that!

Alright, That is is for now! See you soon!

Thankful for Thanksgiving!!!


There is nothing like the sound of falling snow… and kids laughing, and dogs (6 in all) pitter pattering, and food cooking, and games being played, and football on the television (did I mention football?) Brian is video taping everyone and making great movies on his Mac and then showing them minutes later on the big screen. Every one is EPIC! There are 3 laptops on one end of the table and Settlers of Catan on the other. Girls are doing their hair and makeup. It is going to be another great day at the cabin. This is everything to me. I love this! All the kids getting along and plenty of good food. It is family… and it is my family. And I am relaxed and content and gearing up for sledding.

Just When I Get Started…


I have been so excited to start blogging and then I got sick! Went to the doctor today and have a pretty good nasal infection! Oh.. so that is why I can’t breathe or hear or swallow!!!

I have been working on having the Madrigal Singers from Boise High go to the Boise Outdoor Market to sing over the holidays and the deal went through yesterday. So we have been working furiously to get a sandwich board made and get the kids prepared. I will take some pictures tomorrow. They dress up in Renaissance clothes and sing old style songs acapella. They are great kids! I hope I feel better so I can enjoy them tomorrow! Thank heavens for great meds!!!

We are headingto the mountains for Thanksgiving and I can hardly wait to be with my family! 26 of us will be there! Lots of sledding, eating, talking, and game playing! Bring it on!

Hello world!



Pretty crazy stuff! I hope that I can manage this! I worked for three hours trying to change the wording at the top of the page. Then my 16 yr old came in and did it in 1 minute!! I definitely am going to have a learning curve here… but I believe an old dog CAN learn new tricks!!!